Rifle & Pistol Range is for members only and is open from 9 am until sunset (except during public shooting hours).

The Rifle & Pistol Range will be closed from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm on the following days for law enforcement training:

  • May: 1-5; 8-15; 18-23
  • June: 5-9; 21; 30
  • July 24-28; 31
  • August: 1-4
  • September: 5-8; 11-15; 18-22; 25
  • October: 2-6
  • November: 15

Firearms Safety on the Rifle and Pistol Range

  • When using the rifle/pistol range, ALWAYS be sure to flip up the "RANGE IN USE" sign, which is located on the entrance gate.
  • Never point the muzzle of your firearm above the back stop (berm); always bring your muzzle up to the target, never down.
  • NEVER handle a firearm when someone is downrange. ALL firearms must be holstered or unloaded with the muzzle pointed down range, action open, ejection port or cylinder up, and magazine removed.
  • NEVER place targets above or to the side of the back stop (berm); all targets should be placed so that your round impacts the backstop (berm).
  • NO exploding targets, tannerite, glass, ceramic, concrete, appliances, electronic components, or any objects that may cause ricochet or fragments or leave debris; may be used on the range.